609 W Main St # A, Mandan, ND, 58554 
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Top 100 Local Favorite  (2012)


Reviewed by: sergiolsmith on: 2016-05-15
Worst place I have ever been to. The place is an expensive imitation with low quality. Their only claim to fame is they are the only option for chinese cuisine in the city. Overall, it is a waste of money and the gas it cost to go to the next town to eat chinese is soooooo worth it!
Reviewed by: rjohnson on: 2016-01-19
Don't use the ChineseMenu to order for delivery!!! When I called the Rice Bowl to ask about the delivery status, she said they had no order from my business. "Phone orders only" I was told by Rice Bowl.
Reviewed by: queennikki2006 on: 2015-05-27
Prices are wrong! My order was twice the price I thought it would be! The food was delicious as always!
Reviewed by: Maarestad on: 2015-05-14
Great friendly quick Take out service
Reviewed by: Charity K. on: 11/17/2013 4:19:34 AM
I have been going to this restaurant since it opened when I was in 2nd grade. It is excellent. If I had to choose a "last meal" it would be their wonton soup and egg rolls. The family that runs the place is fantastic, they know authentic Chinese food, and I have never ever left disappointed. I don't live in Mandan anymore, but whenever I'm home, a visit to The Rice Bowl is a must.
Reviewed by: Maria B. on: 7/11/2013 9:24:19 AM
Above a library - Chinese!Who knew. Finding this place was interesting, there is some signage, but much larger is the "Public Library" signage on the same building. Anyway, you drive around back to the large parking lot to find the entrance to this Chinese restaurant. Some of the parking is even marked "For Rice Bowl Chinese patrons only". Guess its a busy library. Judging by the crowds, its also a busy Chinese restaurant.Once inside you can take the stairs (which need a serious washing/scrubbing), or the elevator, which I did not take, but was working when I was there.At the entrance someone seats you, in my case a very cute girl of perhaps 10 years old. But she was on top of it all. Kudos, she will go far if she keeps this up.The menu was large, and not the "typical Chinese"' I am used to seeing, so that was interesting. Some new options. I had some dumplings, they were good. Then I had something called paper chicken. I had asked the waitress what that was, and she described it to me, but what came did not seem like what she had indicated. I ate one, they are very hard to open and eat actually, and did not eat the rest.While I did not ask for it to be removed from the tab, I would have expected it to be, but it was not. Fine, I ordered and had the option to eat. But still. It really was inedible.Then, upon cashing out, again the +-10 year old, making change like a champ.Overall, this is fine Chinese, perhaps a little salty, and if I were you, order what you know to be safe.


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